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$10 from every tee goes directly back to flip's mission!

While FLIP’s 9th Annual Darby Creek 5K & 10K Trail Run made the correct choice to 'go virtual' this year, we are still pumped to offer this years fundraising tee - where $10 of every tee sold goes directly back to FLIP's mission!


Fight – Fighting together to challenge cancer risks outside of our individual control.
Live – FLIP is all about having fun and living life to its fullest… the best way to prevent cancer!
Inspire – It’s so worth it to challenge yourself to reach friends and family (we’ll help you)!
Prevent – FLIP’s goal is to make prevention fun, approachable, simple and community-driven.

FLIP is not only an attractive, energetic brand, it’s a movement; empowering people to shape and make it their own along the way. It’s fun! Get out and enjoy being active with friends and family. Stay involved throughout the process via social media, organized activities, and unique outings.