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Back in high school, our founder started his Sunday morning 'early' runs at 9am, less than a mile from his fellow teammate & best friend. The concept was simple; meet in the middle, then log some milage while discussing the remainder of the season (and more importantly, high school nonsense). The catch? If either got to the others house before the other had left, the lazy one provided the post-run donuts.

Running in high school provides much more than good races & bad races, more than surprise 30/30's after tempo runs & more than personal record
s. The experiences are endless but the lessons are unforgettable.

Simply put, our heart's on the track - and for that reason, we're proud to introduce the Shakeout Cares program.

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It's that simple. For every tee we sell, a tee's donated to an Ohioan in need - focusing on providing as many tee's as possible to Ohio highschool runners. This is a not a promotion, this is every day - period.


If you know any Ohio high school cross country or track program with a handful of kids that may benefit from a few donated Shakeout tee's, we'd love to hear from you. Please fill out the form below and we'll add your submission to our pool of XC & TF programs.

Your submission has been recorded. Thank you so much for helping us support the cummunity!

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